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William and Eleanor McMullan


William Lee McMullan was born in Vicksburg Mississippi  on March 17, 1939

Eleanor was born Eleanor Earl Boyte  in Oak Grove Louisiana on November 18, 1943


The Wirt McMullan Clan



My father, Wirt McMullan Sr didn't need an  excuse to have a Bar-B-Que. He is standing in the Rear, just in front of him is Mother.  This Picture was made by Wirt McMullan Jr. at a family gathering of the clan he was placed in the picture later, look for a heavy beard. 

My wife and myself are in there somewhere .


Photo Album


  Click on thumbnail pictures to get a better look.

Look at my new online photo album filled with pictures from my vacations, sporting events, and my family.

Go ahead, click on the Camera. It is a Speed Graphic similar to one I used in my early days.

Download GEDCOM file of this McMullan Family Back to John McMullan (1740-1776) who came from Ireland.

More McMullan Family, click here.

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